Public Realm

When oversized or elaborate designs pop up over London and the UK, it may well have our name all over it! We love to create large-scale magnificent designs that transform an area and turn a regular street into a buzzing and populated area.

We have worked closely with all of our clients to create innovative and imaginative schemes! In particular, at Carnaby Street our designs range from a collection of oversized and programmable light bulbs to a large-scale plug & socket installation, which marks the existence of a redundant electricity station. As with all of our schemes, when the opportunity arises to link the design back to it’s roots and honour it’s heritage, we explore every avenue and aim to create a scheme that mirrors its past and allows the history to prevail, which may have otherwise been forgotten. Within each project we love to gather information about the history and the relevance of the area to make sure our design truly creates a sense of place.

Carnaby Flag

With social media playing such a pivotal role in everyday life, our creative designs have been tailored over the years to create a unique and successful ‘selfie moment’, perfect for social media! The work we create for the public realm transforms a streetscape or specific area into a destination place for the public, an opportunity for the perfect instagram moment!

From mall enhancements to contemporary art pieces, we strive to deliver interactive and engaging pieces! We pride ourselves on the ability to engineer a project from the very start to the final product; our Creative Director and in house designers create the idea, our technical team and project managers observe the process at every single step and the design is made in house in our London warehouse. It’s vital that we can oversee the project and have a creative input at every stage.

Whether the scheme concentrates on historical influences, a commemorative event or a community aspect, we love to be set a new challenge and create over-sized landmark designs full of impact! Our aim is to concentrate on sustainable & innovative place making designs that stand the test of time!