About Us

We’re the secret force behind Christmas, being one of the UK’s leading specialist designers of seasonal decorations. We believe that more is more!


For over twenty-five years, James Glancy Design has been at the forefront of the immersive design world; imagining and creating magnificent visual experiences like no other. Our impressive team knows no bounds and is headed by an unstoppable duo; Paul Dart the Creative Director and his business partner, the eponymous James Glancy himself. Comprised of project managers, designers and electricians to name but a vital few, our multi-talented team proudly claims an incomparable knowledge of the industry. This vast experience guarantees each individual challenge presented is achieved with a most magnificent display; never ceasing to amaze as they transform the surroundings before your very eyes.

Regent Street Lights
Carnaby Christmas Street Lights

Upon visiting the many streets of London at Christmas, you have to but only glance upwards to witness one of our illuminating displays. Vast canopies of twinkling lights, each in a unique formation see the city burst into light; emanating a warm glow that not only inspires wonderment amongst the many spectators but symbolises the true meaning of Christmas at ‘the most wonderful time of the year’. Across the year, bespoke and captivating constructions can be seen throughout the public realm and extensive retail environments as our limitless talents do not lend themselves only to the festive season. Beginning in the capital and continuing throughout each corner of the country we bring to life the most ground breaking concepts; merging vibrant colours with glowing lights and masterful, awe inspiring sculptures. Our drive for perfection and desire to push the boundaries of immersive design sees us transforming spaces from the everyday into the extraordinary. Be it lighting up London or reinvigorating the interior design of a landmark building, our desire for originality ensures the highest standard of excellence within our work for our ever-expanding body of integral clients.

Carnaby Christmas
Piccadily Christmas Lights
Bluewater Christmas Lights

Through our work, we strive to not only create a visually stunning display but to tell a meaningful story that emanates the personality of the area. To combat the increasing prevalence of the online marketplace, we drastically enhance environments with our extravagant creativity; reviving the glamour and sensuality of the traditional shopping experience. From the understated to the unbelievable, we have infinite ideas and our endless imagination knows no conceivable limits. Going beyond the perceived realms of possibility we take inspiration from many forms of art, as well as sculpture and lighting to create comprehensive and immersive designs that can but only surprise and delight.


Our many award winning and successful schemes continue to light up the night’s sky and we hope you will join us in excited anticipation as we await the story that is still yet to come!