James Glancy Design

We’re the secret force behind Christmas, being one of the UK’s leading specialist designers of seasonal decorations.

We believe that more is more!


About Us

We are THE creative agency that transforms retail and public spaces from the everyday to the extra special! Working on a massive scale with an attention to detail we create visceral experiences.

To combat the increasing prevalence of the online marketplace, we enhance environments to bring back the glamour and sensuality of traditional shopping. From the understated to the unbelievable we have infinite ideas and our imagination knows no bounds!

Going beyond the perceived realms of possibility we take inspiration from art, sculpture and lighting to create comprehensive and immersive designs that surprise and delight.

Retail Environments

We regularly create inviting environments for the community! Our portfolio features a range of seating, commemorative and lighting solutions to provide an engaging experience for shoppers.

Design Consultancy

We are famed for our courageous, outrageous and unique designs but we also offer standalone design consultancy to create a bespoke designs for any architectural space

Public Realm

We love to create large-scale magnificent designs that transform an area and turn a regular streetscape into a buzzing and populated area!


Festive Lighting

Since we began in 1990, every year we create magnificent Christmas schemes all over the country which tell a fabulous, exuberant and magnificent festive story!

Selected Clients