In April 2013 we were asked by Quintain to produce a design that had the flexibility to be both wayfinding and could adapt and evolve to fit various campaigns and events featured at the London Design Outlet.

We solved this by using the honeycomb branding of the LDO as inspiration for a series of giant cubes that were suspended at key locations throughout the estate.

Each cube was fitted with colour changing LED technology that was fully programmable at the touch of a button. Then a simple demountable open frame was designed to sit inside each cube which housed the promotion. Christmas was just a cube of snowflakes!  Beautiful land art with a clear message!

Wembley Lights Box
Wembley Lights Box
Wembley Centre Lights

As Christmas is our speciality it was an easy step to produce a stack of cubes as a stunning modernist light changing Christmas tree.

We also had the pleasure to introduce the same lighting technology to the underside of the Bobby Moore Bridge which significantly enlivened the start of the journey from Wembley Park Station.

Shopping Centre Lights