The Fountain Square at Intu’s Merryhill centre was reinvigorated with a colourful burst of bespoke seating. Not only a fun and comfortable area for members of the public to rest, we ensured that the new furnishings were visually appealing whilst maintaining a durable quality.

Intu Merry Hill Furniture
Merry Hill Furniture
Intu Merry Hill Furniture

The reinvigorated seating area comprised of three pods, each curving inwards and showcasing a bespoke arrangement of the colour scheme. Timber frames of joined construction were filled with foam and the upholstery was a faux leather. Each of the units were joined together with a simple link device and they stood upon polished aluminium legs. In the centre of the area was a circular seating platform, approximately three meters in width. The base of this was lined with natural beams of wood and from the middle of the seat grew a giant tree. Its vast trunk housed bespoke shelves where a selection of magazines and reading material could be placed.

This design of furniture is perfect to be featured within the public sector. The range is available in a vast selection of bespoke colours, whilst separate elements can be joined together to create many configurations each varying in size. A place for the community to come together, this seating area provided a welcome respite ensuring the centre was accessible and comfortable for all to use. Both stylish and functional, the circular shape encouraged socialising with its open space.