Design Consultancy

At James Glancy Design we are famed for our courageous, outrageous and unique designs but we also offer standalone design consultancy!

With over 25 years of knowledge, we pride ourselves on creating bespoke designs for any architectural space. We regularly design projects and see the whole process through from initial idea to installing the final product, but we also offer our expertise and will happily create an iconic idea! From the moment we start designing a unique scheme, we first start by looking at the space and understanding the existing architecture we will be transforming. From then we research demographics and to whom the design is for! We love to see our ideas transform into reality!

Wembley Centre Lights

Paul Dart, our creative director, alongside the design team have the creativity to follow a brief and transform any area with a bespoke design. Our projects range from mall enhancements to large scale art pieces for public spaces. We believe that more is more and truly believe we can transform any space! Our technical team are on hand to assess any project, overcome limitations and ensure the original design is feasible and successful when transformed into reality.

Within our design consultancy role we provide realistic visual representations of the design, scale drawings plus animated depictions to show the size and the grandeur of the design itself. Creating the idea itself is only half of the challenge; we have a whole dedicated to ensuring the idea becomes a reality.

Ganton Street

We go above and beyond to find the missing piece of the design story and strive to design a structural artistic piece which suits it’s surroundings and creates maximum impact. Within our design consultancy role we love to tell a story! We pride ourselves on creating a bespoke art installation and telling the story through the art piece.

SMC Flowers