Regent Street’s first seasonal lights date all the way back to 1954 where a festive flock of angels were spotted flying overhead, joined by cascading streams of light and iconic twinkling stars. Now over sixty years later this memorable design has been revisited, becoming a poignant source of inspiration as the angels have been artistically reimagined with a contemporary twist. ‘The Spirit of Christmas’ is one of Regent Street’s most ambitious schemes to date and is a truly enchanting sight to behold.

It is also the biggest single theme design ever to be introduced at Christmas in the West End as it covers Regent Street (upper and lower), Jermyn Street and St James’s Market.

It is also the first ever Regent Street design to be taken on licence to Hong Kong where it will appear as an exact replica design on Lee Tung Avenue.

The crown estate is the largest land owner in the west end, so part of what we wanted to do, was to really bring to life our entire portfolio to make it the largest festive scheme in London, if not the UK. The theme is called ‘The Spirit of Christmas’, it’s about celebrating all that’s unique about London and really, we felt this encapsulated everything about it. The partnership with James Glancy Design is one of shared vision, it’s one of creativity, it’s about scale and it’s about creating a wonderful moment for the people that come to the west end. The reaction has been absolutely phenomenal! We had approximately 30,000 people coming for the switch on event. Across both St James’s and Regent Street, we have social media teams actively monitoring how people are reacting to it and the general sentiment is it’s the best light scheme ever!

Adam Bray, Head of Brand and Marketing, The Crown Estate