Olympics Ball



When London played host to the world famous Olympic Games, we were approached by ICON on behalf of the Mayor of London, and the London 2012 Wonder Programme.

Without a shadow of a doubt we knew we had to imagine a scheme that would be larger than life and as magnificent as the event itself.

Entitled The Gift of the Gods, we created giant sculptures of athletic equipment that landed in fourteen boroughs across London, looking as though the very Gods themselves had thrown them from Olympia.


Three metre high shot putts, seven metre long javelins, huge bows and arrows appeared overnight in Sloane Square, Cabot Circus, Greenwich’s Royal Navel College and Primrose Hill.

To celebrate the number of medals won each day by all athletes was a separate display In Leicester Square with giant Medals on Royal Blue ribbons hanging in the trees.

London 2012 will be fondly remembered!