Meodowhall Christmas



Over fifty classes of children from nearby schools were provided (by us) with the creative tools to design and illustrate their very own baubles and snowflakes; contributing to Meadowhall’s amazingly original community based Christmas.

Every lovingly handmade decoration was carefully placed in illuminated, silhouette trees that included names of each child and their school.

Meodowhall Christmas

Not only did this concept draw in the crowds but proud parents and eager children visited in their masses to photograph their now famous designs and excitedly share them with the world!

Meadowhall at the time was undergoing a series of exciting refurbishments, which took place each night. Therefore, not only were we challenged with imagining an impressive scheme but we also had to ensure that all of the decorations could be safely removed from the centre each and every night! Lots of specialist engineering and of course close collaboration with the Meadowhall team proved to be the order of the day!