We have had the pleasure of designing the Carnaby Christmas decorations for over 20 years. A new design every year which really keeps us on our toes!

Stepping upon Carnaby Street, a vision of pink and iridescent decorations glowed against the frosty winter weather and dazzled passers-by. Shooting down the main street, hundreds of illuminated stars created a canopy of warm light and guided you towards several large deconstructed Disco Balls that effortlessly took centre stage. Comprised of miniature pink mirrored discs and shimmering panels, the mirror balls stood at an impressive 3.5m high, each surrounded by a display of glittering stars. The aptly coloured pink arches at each end of the street shone brightly with bold text, proudly announcing the party ahead. Ganton Street’s Plug and Socket provided power for the loud and proud party next door, and not one to be left out was decorated with a dusting of shining gold stars that danced along the electrical wire, twinkling in the way that only stars do best.


Year after year the Carnaby Christmas lights draw thousands of visitors to this iconic street. Filled with excitement they line the pavements to view the imaginative and positively electric displays. It is not an uncommon sight on a winter’s evening to spot a sea of festive shoppers, each with their arms outstretched capturing the spectacle before them. And no sooner than the shutter snapped, the festive photographs encouraging more people to join the party had begun popping up on social media around the world. This positively pink vision was guaranteed to put you in the mood for a season of festive celebrations… but if it didn’t, we don’t know what will!

“Shaftesbury have been working with James Glancy for over 15 years and it’s a partnership where we can have open creative discussions where we can both get to a place with the design where we are equally happy. This year for Carnaby we’ve gone really big and bold and I defy anyone to walk through Carnaby’s streets and not smile when they see the decorations!”

Clare Harris, Head of Marketing & Communications