Cabot Circus Lanterns



We were asked to create a show stopping and unique landmark display for Cabot Circus so we delved into the history and heritage of Bristol and decided to create an innovative, permanent display based on one of Bristol’s key milestone designs – the hot air balloon!

We have created a vibrant and striking installation of internally illuminated hot air balloons in bright and vivid colours, all produced in house for a truly bespoke design. Each three-dimensional balloon has been hand crafted and created from a custom-built wooden frame, which has then been covered with durable nylon material that is highly resistant to the elements, perfect for outdoor display.

Cabot Circus Lanterns Large
Cabot Circus Lanterns
Cabot Circus Lanterns Dark

The balloons are rigged in a jovial and random fashion to further the sense of fun and playfulness within the space. Each balloon is internally lit, ensuring the façade and entrance to the scheme is eye-catching both in the daytime and at night. The design features standalone hot air balloons but also some which have been fixed to the elevations to expand the scheme and lend depth and perspective.

We are extremely proud of the permanent display for Cabot Circus as it provides a key piece of place making. The excellent feedback we have received from social media confirms we have created a spectacular design which truly honours and highlights the history and heritage of Bristol.

Cabot Circus Lanterns Night