Retail Environments

We are often approached by shopping centres and public spaces to create an inviting environment for the community. Our portfolio features a range of seating, commemorative and lighting solutions to provide an inviting and engaging experience for shoppers. It is always of utmost and equal importance that the bespoke furnishings and installations are of durable quality, making them perfect for the public realm and strive ourselves on delivering high quality and creative pieces!

We have created a feature lighting installations at intu Milton Keynes consisting of impressive chandeliers, cascading from the ceiling, framing a durable seating solution below. The fluid, voluminous 360-degree design featured bespoke, glowing crystal lit orbs and beautiful hand blown glass spheres. The contemporary interior design creates a aesthetically pleasing space for relaxing and therefore increases dwelling times for members of the public.

We are well practised in providing seating solutions for public spaces and intu’s Merryhill centre was recently reinvigorated with a colourful burst of bespoke seating. We created a place for the community to come together as the seating area provided a welcome respite ensuring the centre was accessible and comfortable for all to use. Both stylish and functional, the circular seating shape encouraged socialising with its open space!

Poppies London

Our creative displays know no boundaries and we are regularly asked to create feature pieces within a public space to add impact and in one particular case to create a commemorative installation. In the Summer of 2014, the world marked the 100th Anniversary of the First World War, which began in July 1914. Inspired by this significant anniversary and as an act of both remembrance and respect, a vibrant art installation burst into life above the thousands of shoppers at intu Lakeside. Over three thousand iconic Poppies hung in the main atrium and without a shadow of a doubt this magnificent design created an impactful & emotive display.

In April 2013, James Glancy Design was commissioned to imagine and create an iconic, permanent installation for the London Designer Outlet in Wembley Park. The display featured an array of recognisable and colourful cubes that comprise the iconic company’s logo; championing their renowned brand and created a strong wayfinding illuminated art piece. The scheme constantly adapts and evolves to fit various campaigns and events featured at LDO and effortlessly continues to be a strong and powerful feature piece in a retail environment.

Wembley Lights Box